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4th Of July Picnic

Of course, the 4th of July cookout is an American tradition, so why not offer a twist such as a summer picnic theme? This lends itself to pot-luck fare as guests can pack food to bring. With a picnic table or blanket on the lawn with garden torches, your guests with enjoy a timeless, pastoral feeling with friends and family. But, don't trouble yourself with too much effort; it is a holiday after all.
Some decorations and accessories might include:
1. Apple Pie
2. Garden Torch. Some can be found in citronella varieties to help discourage mosquitoes.
3. Patriotic-themed Desserts 
4. PartySweets Flag Mints

Ms. Mints Avatar txt-missmintspartytips
What better way to celebrate summertime than by throwing a good, old-fashioned, 4th of July picnic?
As with most parties, the main issues to focus on during the planning process are food and beverages, décor, setting and invitations. For an Independence Day party, the décor is easy! Red, white and blue table coverings and centerpieces are inexpensive and plentiful this time of year. Just be sure not to use an actual American flag.
The color theme can carry over into the food and drinks too. Search online for July 4th picnic refreshments, and you are bound to find a wide assortment of flag-themed snacks, desserts and beverages. Classic cookout foods like hot dogs, hamburgers and chips are also perfect any summertime party. PartySweets flag candies can be used as table confetti or even as edible decorations. Want to make your own personalized candy?
If you are sending invitations, an “Uncle Sam” theme can be fun, as can any creative use of the flag’s colors. Be sure to inform your guests if they need to bring their own alcoholic beverages, if there will be a bar, or if only non-alcoholic drinks will be available.
As for the setting, practically any outdoor venue will work, such as a park, a farm, a rented picnic area, or even your own back yard. The most important thing is to have fun and celebrate our country’s independence during what many consider the most enjoyable time of year!