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Awards Night Red Carpet

Get together for the airing of your favorite awards show or hold your own awards. Let your guests know they are the most important part of the party at an Awards Night/Red Carpet Party, where your guests can be famous stars too.

Some decorations and accessories might include:
  1. Award Trophy
  2. "...And the envelope, please."
  3. Red Carpet
  4. Champagne
  5. Awards Night PartySweets Candy Mints
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. Dress Suit

Ms. Mints Avatar txt-missmintspartytips
Treating your guests like they are superstars can be the most enjoyable part of planning your party! Put down a red carpet and a “sponsor wall” where they can stop and pose for photos as they enter the venue. Then the real fun can begin …

Awards shows like the Emmys and the Oscars are mostly about performers – singers, actors and the like. But because your guests are probably not Hollywood celebrities, focus on their accomplishments closer to home. Ideally, your venue will be a ballroom or similar location with a stage and podium. Just like the big awards shows, your guests will also be award-winners.

Your awards could be in categories such as “Most Active in the Community,” “Best Athlete,” “Longest Married Couple,” etc. When you create your guest list, decide on categories and winners. Ideally, everyone at your party will get an award, or if not, a consolation prize. You could even set up a “consolation prize” table at the exit for non-winners to pick up on their way out. Pick up inexpensive, engraved (or not) awards at a trophy shop. You might want to consider taping a movie ticket or gift card to the bottom of each trophy. And there should be a photographer on hand to immortalize guests picking up their trophies.

Dinner should be either a banquet-type of meal or a buffet. Awards can be announced at anytime, or just during the dessert course. PartySweets’ gold Awards Night candy buttermints are perfect for your party. These buttermints can be included in the party favor/consolation prize bags and would be lovely used as table confetti.

An Awards Night Red Carpet party is a great theme for a fundraiser, and a silent auction could also be inserted into the planning. If local companies help fund the event or provide supplies, make sure to include their name or logo on the photographer’s backdrop/sponsor wall at the entrance. They will appreciate the recognition!

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