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Baby Shower

What may be the most exciting time in a woman’s life deserves an equally exciting party to celebrate it! Baby Showers and Baby Reveal parties, in which the gender of the baby is shared with friends and family, are the best way to show the soon-to-be mother that everyone is happy for her.
Some decorations and accessories might include:
3. Hand-made Invitations 
4. PartySweets Baby Mints
5. Baby-Themed Cookies
6. Bottle Beverages for Adults

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Traditionally, a non-relative would plan a baby shower, but today, anything goes. Often a sister or best friend will take over the planning duties of this landmark event. Co-workers can even team up to throw a workplace baby shower!
Coordinate the event so that the most important guests are sure to make it, such as the mommy-to-be’s parents, grandparents and siblings. Make sure to consult with the guest of honor when you create the guest list.
Creating or shopping for invitations can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the shower planning process. If you are crafty, homemade invitations can be easy and inexpensive. Alternatively, several free e-card services are online and offer adorably unique invitations for almost any event. Be sure to include information on where the mommy-to-be is registered to help with the gift buying.
Silly, fun games are often the highlight of any baby shower. The majority of guests will enjoy competitions like “Guess the Baby Food” and “Baby Picture Match,” which help break the ice as well. Don’t forget the prizes – inexpensive trinkets or gift cards will suffice.
Typical baby shower food includes simple hors d’oeuvres and baked items in the shower’s selected theme and/or colors. Don’t forget the PartySweets buttermints – we have several baby-themed candies to choose from!
And of course, the opening of gifts is the centerpiece of the event. Designate someone to write down the gifts and givers so the guest of honor can write thank you notes later.

Or you can always make your own personalized candy!