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Black And White Party


The rule for this party is pretty straightforward: Everything is black and white. Men can dress up in a nice black and white suit and ladies can put on their favorite vintage little black dress. Decorate your party with black and white balloons and streamers, serve your finger foods on black and white plates and have black and white cups on hand for drinks. This is a fun way to have a definite theme with a lot of freedom and guests almost always have something they can wear already.
Some decorations and accessories might include:
1. Black and White Wingtips
2. Black and White Cupcakes
4. Black and White Balloons
5. Black and White Polka Dot Vintage Dress
6. Black and White Paper Plates and Cups

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When you think of black and white in terms of clothing, you think of tuxedoes and cocktail or formal dresses. This makes “Black & White” a great party theme for upscale, classy events, including fundraisers.

Rent a ballroom or event hall, and invite as many people as you can afford to feed! As always, make sure the invitations reflect the theme and inform your guests that black and white attire is expected. A sit-down banquet is best. Hire a great local catering company and set up a bar offering wine and champagne. A string quartet lends a lovely, high-class feel to your event.

Alternatively, you could make your party a dessert-only affair, and have a large spread of desserts for guests to choose from. Research varieties of wine that go nicely with sweets, and set up a nice bar featuring your selections. You could also serve beverages that go well with your theme, such as Chocolate Martinis and White Russians.
Schedule this type of event for a bit later in the evening than you would a dinner party, and don’t forget to tell your guests on the invitations that it will be dessert-only. People can get grouchy if they expect dinner and don’t get it!

Although your theme is “black and white,” that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of color to your décor to make it more visually appealing. Simple, solid-color flower arrangements in red or fuchsia on each black cloth-covered table make beautiful centerpieces. Use your accent color in only a few places so that it doesn’t overpower the blacks and whites. A mix of patterns, such as stripes and polka dots, can also lend some extra visual appeal to the festivities. PartySweets buttermints packaged in black polka dots candy wrappers and solid colors like black candy wrappers, white candy wrappers, silver candy wrappers, red candy wrappers and yellow candy wrappers can also be incorporated into your party, as table confetti or in pretty candy dishes. You may even design your own personalized candy wrappers.

An upscale event such as this can be a fabulous way to spend an evening. When your décor and food, as well as your guests’ attire, are all in the same theme, it brings the whole thing together in a beautiful package. And it makes for great pictures!

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