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English Tea Party

Need an excuse to try out your British accent? How about throwing an old-fashioned (but modernized) English Tea Party, dahlings! While we Americans tend to think of tea parties as a very British institution, they may actually have started in France. But regardless of the origin, no one could argue that tea parties, even in America, have a distinctive English “flavor.”
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No matter how traditional or modern you go with your tea party, it should be a small event. Invite no more than 10 people – this helps to make it a more intimate affair. You may want to rent a public space at a bed and breakfast or tea room, or consider having your party in your own home. Ideally, the atmosphere should be upscale but comfortable. Flowers make beautiful, easy-to-assemble centerpieces, and Pinterest is a great resource for table-setting ideas.

A nice tea set can be expensive, but the good news is that many of your friends may have hand-me-down tea sets from their parents or grandparents. Ask to borrow them – most people would love to put their teacups to use instead of just letting them gather dust! Party planners of today have so many options that we can take the traditional “afternoon tea” and give it our own modern flair. A tea party can even double as a “tea tasting,” much in the style of a wine-tasting party.

Loose-leaf teas can lend an artsy, free-spirited feel to a tea party. You can even set out a few unique items such as saffron, rose petals or fennel seeds, any of which can be added to tea to give it your own special flair. Invite your guests to create their own unique blend as well. Of course any tea party needs some adorable and tasty finger foods! Traditional finger foods can take hours to prepare, but the modern party planner can provide guests with hors d’oeuvres of distinction in a much shorter timeframe. Delicate tea sandwiches are a great addition to any tea party – make or buy chicken salad, pimento cheese or egg salad, place a dollop on white bread, and cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters. Or, instead of sandwiches, try crackers topped with a variety of simple but impressive-looking items like cucumber slices with goat cheese, or salmon salad from your local deli. Support your local bakery by picking up some fancy-looking scones or cookies. Silver-packaged candy are a nice finishing touch to your event.

Remember, the tea is the focus, but a few simple and easy-to-assemble (or buy!) snacks will lend just the right accent to the entire affair.

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