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Gangsters And Dolls

The popularity of “gangster and doll” costumes for Halloween makes it clear that people are still fascinated by the Roaring Twenties! Speakeasies, the Charleston, jazz – what’s not to love? 
Some party ideas might include:
  1. Cigarette holder
  2. Drink menu complete with 1920s slang
  3. Fedora, Cigar, Suit, Flapper Dress, and Long Gloves
  4. Metallic Silve Wrapped candy and Black and White Polka Dot wrapped candy
  5. Roaring '20s music
  6. Brick Wall Background for Photos
  7. Rye Whiskey, just like they made during the Prohibition era
  8. Feather Headband

Ms. Mints Avatar txt-missmintspartytips
In 1920, the Volstead Act closed all bars and outlawed the sale of “intoxication beverages,” putting a major damper on the social lives of thousands and cramping the style of the iconic “flapper.” These so-called “new women” - and their significant others – wanted to party, and no law was going to stop them!

The oft-admired “flapper girl” look was inspired by their fashion sense: dresses with fringe, finger waves and bob hairstyles, pearls, bejeweled cigarette holders, feathered headbands, and lots of smoky eye makeup. For men, vests, wingtip shoes and fedoras complete the dapper 1920s look.

Along came the speakeasies – underground bars where illegal hooch was sold, most of which was courtesy of bootleggers and organized crime figures. Most people didn’t seem to care where their liquor came from, however. In this new consumer society, customers had money to spend, and the speakeasies were booming.

Shhh … don’t tell anyone … well, if you want people to come to your party, you have to tell them about it. But as secrecy was paramount for 1920s speakeasies, that idea can carry over to your ’20s-themed party as well! Find a “secret” location – a basement, a warehouse, etc. – where you can hide your party from the coppers in case of raids. Station a bouncer at the door, and require party-goers to perform the secret knock or say the password to get in (make sure you provide this info in your invitations).

A fun extra touch would be to hire a dance instructor for the night to teach the Charleston, tango and foxtrot to your guests. The mixed drinks and champagne offered at the bar will encourage people to get on the dance floor too! Don’t forget to offer some simple hors d’oeuvres and bar snacks. Simple black tablecloths, sprinkled with silver- and black-wrapped Party Sweets mints, will add a bit of extra flair to your event!

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