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Princess Party

Princess parties were made for little girls. Whether she's a fairy princess, or just a fairy-tale princess, she'll get lost in the fantasy of costumes, glitter, magic wands and sweets… it’s all a dream come true!

Some Party ideas might include:
  1. Princess Dress Costume with Wand
  2. Pink Polka-Dot Balloons
  3. Pink Medieval-style Canopy
  4. Princess themed candy
  5. Hennin-Style Court Party Hat
  6. Fairy-tale Cupcakes
  7. Crowned Princess Cake
  8. Pink Tulle Ballerina Table Skirt

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A beautiful ballroom is the perfect setting for a princess party, but can be expensive to rent. If you would prefer to spend your funds on decorations, food and party favors, consider having the party at your home, in your yard, or even at a local park if the weather is nice. A big, inflatable castle is a great centerpiece if your party is outdoors, and your little guests will love jumping around in their dresses. These can be rented online and at some party stores.

A princess party can also be a birthday party – just add a “throne” for the birthday girl (a chair cover with her name on the back is all you need). Top it all off with a larger crown and a bigger magic wand than the guests, and you have one happy little princess.

Be prepared for pink and purple overload – little girls love this combination, and it lends itself well to a princess-themed party. And don’t forget to get lots and lots of balloons – pink and purple, of course! Balloon bouquets can be purchased at most party supply stores, and there are plenty of balloon delivery companies online. Some even offer same-day delivery.

When you send invitations, make sure that your guests know to dress up in their best princess costume. A fun addition would be to ask the moms who will be attending to dress like princesses too – their daughters will love getting in costume together!

A huge, castle-shaped cake is a fantastic focal point for your food table, but if you are on a budget, some pretty, homemade cupcakes with pink and purple frosting will do just fine. A few small snacks and kid-friendly drinks, and you’re all set. Scatter princess-themed candy across the table as confetti for an extra touch.

Kids LOVE party favors. There’s something about giving your little guests a gift to take home that is the perfect finish to a great party. Inexpensive, gift-wrapped party favors, complete with tiara and magic wand, are available online. But assembling party favors is a fun part of the planning process, and can be simple to do.

Help your princesses burn off the snacks and cupcakes by letting them play a fun game or two. Several great ideas are available on my Pinterest board.

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