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Prom Redo

“Prom.” This simple word probably brings back good memories for most of us. For others, it’s just a four-letter word. But no matter your high school prom experience, now’s your chance to relive it – or redo it! 

Some ideas might include:
1. Mirror Ball
2. Mens Boutineer
3. Ladies Corsage
4. Dots and Stripes Party themed candy
5. Vintage Photo Booth
6. Thrift Store Prom Dress
7. Thrift Store Tuxedo
8. 80's Party Mix

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As every prom-goer knows, you simply MUST have a theme. The theme of your prom sets the stage for most of the planning that follows, especially the décor. Relive your youth by using a theme from your high school days, relive a John Hughes movie, or make it a more modern, classy affair.

If you have some money to burn, you may want to look for a prom “theme kit” – these include the big, over-the-top type of decorations you usually see at a high school prom. And of course you need a photographer and a great backdrop for all of your guests. Why get so dolled up if no one takes your picture? Prom is a memory-making event, so don’t forget that all-important first picture for arriving guests.

Your invitations should also reflect your prom theme, so guests know how to dress. You definitely don’t want people to show up dressed for and expecting an ’80s party when what you have in mind is something more along the lines of “modern gala.”

Now that you have your theme and decorations planned, it’s time to think about your location. Check with your alma mater to see if they will loan or rent out their gym, lending your “prom” an extra air of authenticity. Alternatively, a hotel ballroom would be a good setting. Just make sure there is plenty of room to dance and socialize, as well as plenty of seating. Every prom has its wallflowers, and every dancer needs to rest!

Practically every prom has punch. offers plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch recipes. Stock up on punch bowls, and be sure to label each one so it’s clear which drinks are spiked. Finger foods are great to have available, especially if your “prom redo” will include adult beverages. You can even ask your guests to bring an appetizer as their price of admission. Food isn’t a requirement at a prom, but it’s a nice touch for your guests, and helps facilitate socializing.

You can also create your own custom wrapped candy!