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Soap Opera

Lights … camera …drama! Slap fights, extramarital affairs, murder – what would daytime TV do without soap operas?

Some party ideas might include:

1. Costume Jewelry. The gaudier, the better.
2. Women's Power Suit jacket with Shoulder Pads
3. Classic Soap Opera Wig
4. Eye Patch. There's always a handsome rouge sporting one.
5. Hat with Veil
6. Classic Soap Opera Dress
7. Private Detective Badge
8. Money themed candy

Ms. Mints Avatar txt-missmintspartytips

Even the most die-hard fans will admit that soap operas can be a tad over the top – so embrace that melodrama with a soap-themed party! Each guest can dress as a favorite character or just wear their hottest power suit (don’t forget the shoulder pads, ladies).

The setting: a swanky hotel ballroom or event hall. The décor: opulent and upscale. The music: dramatic, classical. With your party guests dressed to the nines and the perfect setting, you are sure to have a successful event. While a ballroom-type of setting is best for a large number of guests, a smaller party could be thrown in your own living room. Be sure to set the TV to the soap opera channel, or DVR several shows and run them on a loop.

Fancy drinks, champagne and wine should be available. At a large, upscale party you could hire waiters to circulate among the crowd, serving drinks and finger foods. You could also go all-out and have a large buffet or sit-down meal. The choice is yours!

While your atmosphere should be rather hoity-toity, you can also show some love to the cheesiness factor of soaps with some of your decorations. Blow up the covers of several soap opera magazines to poster-size and hang them on the walls. Get a fancy (looking) backdrop from a party supply store for your guests to have their picture taken in front of. Leave a few soap mags lying around to stimulate conversation among your guests.

And because soap operas are chock-full of rich people, money-wrapped candies are perfect for filling strategically placed candy dishes.

Want something different? Create your own customized wrapped candy