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Tiki Luau Party

Summer is the perfect time for a Hawaiian Tiki Luau. With tropical drinks and tiny umbrellas, ukulele music playing in the background, and tiki torches burning, your guests will be transported to an island paradise!

Some decorations and accessories might include:
1. Bamboo Tiki Torches
2. Tiki Drink Mugs
3. Tiki Bar Party Music
5. Thatch Parasol and Bamboo Chair set
6. Drink Umbrellas
7. Pineapples
8. Decorative Tiki Idols

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Luaus are generally held outdoors, but they can just as easily be held indoors. A backyard or poolside luau works great for that tropical island feel. However, don’t be afraid to move your luau inside if you decide to have one in the middle of winter. There’s nothing like the bright colors and relaxing island music to lift one out of the winter blues. 

If you are planning a large luau with 50 or more people, you may want to consider asking others to help. Not only is it lots of fun to work as a group, but it allows you to draw on the resources and ideas of others. Form subgroups and designate each one in charge of a specific area, such as food, decorating, music and entertainment, equipment, set up and clean up, invitations and publicity. Let volunteers choose the area in which they want to help based on their abilities and interest.
Tropical fruits are a must for any luau - pineapples, mangoes and papayas are perfect. Cut the fruit into chunks and spear the pieces on skewers for a pretty snack that is easy for your guests to carry and eat while socializing. Pork, sweet potatoes and poi (a Polynesian staple) can round out your meal plan. Drinks can be served in tiki-style glasses, and don’t skimp on the cute little umbrellas! 
Tiki torches are easily found in party shops and department stores during the summer months. Place them strategically throughout your outdoor venue, or use them to line your driveway and sidewalks if it’s an indoor party. In the winter, your guests will love arriving to see glowing tiki torches lighting their way.
As guests arrive, greet each one with a lei and an “aloha.” Beautiful, inexpensive leis can be ordered from sites like by the dozen. You can also offer loose flowers, which can be placed behind the ear. Just make sure guests know that putting a flower behind the right ear means they are romantically “available”!
The finishing touch – Party Sweets in our colorful luau pattern wrapped candy. Order several bags, and use them as part of your décor!

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