Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball Ideas

A masquerade ball is a fun theme that everyone will enjoy from fundraisers to large gatherings. Traditionally, masquerade guests are encouraged to keep their identities secret until the agreed-upon time of unveiling. Check out these other unique ideas for making your event amazing.

Masquerade rules
Historically masquerade balls required all guests to keep their masks on until the ritual “midnight unmasking.” This fun party rule works best with large parties. Be sure to inform your guests of how masquerades work on the invitation so everyone can take part.

Décor & Food
A large hotel ballroom or event hall makes the perfect setting for a masquerade ball. Be sure to incorporate a dessert table filled with elegant sweets. After all, Marie-Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!”

Venetian-style costumes and wigs that would please extravagant tastes, or standard cocktail attire add to the fun. But the best part is the masks! Encourage guests to come with their own half-mask, Casanova mask or Venetian long-nose mask. Or let them create their own mask at the party. Set up a DIY mask table including feathers, horns, beads, paint and glue.

Party Favors
Party Sweets™ brightly colored, gold or silver wrapped buttermints add to the décor. Make the event even more memorable with personalized custom wrapped mints.

Entertainment can be as simple as piped-in classical music, or as elaborate as hired performers doing tricks like fire-juggling and tightrope walking.