Personalize Your Celebration

It’s easy with mints and candy

Go ahead, get your “WOW” on with personalized mints and candy from Party Sweets™. Personalized mints let you offer something totally unique and customized just for your event. Add names or phrases to your mint wrapper, and watch the amazing reaction you’ll get from guests when they see you’ve thought of every sweet little detail.

7Reasons You Should Personalize Mint and Candy Wrappers

  • It shows your guests you are a Party Planning Genius

  • It captures the moment in the sweetest way

  • It shows your guests you care about the details

  • It makes the celebration more fun and memorable

  • It won’t break your budget

  • You’ll love hearing people say, “awww…cute!”

  • See (1) above.

…then give yourself a round of applause. You just checked off one more thing on your to-do list.